San Francisco pt. 1: Thoughts about a city that has everything good

Big cities have always been good at challenging my self worth. There’s nothing quite like walking the streets as a tourist while knowing your peers are doing the same as workers on their lunch break.

San Francisco was no exception. Except it was worse.

Near the Land’s End area — the waves crashing on the rocks reminded me of Oryukdo in Busan, South Korea.

It had everything a shiny city does, plus more. My favourite mountains and oceans, hills and beautiful houses — it had everything.

Ocean Beach. Lake Ontario is big, but it’s no ocean.
#Views from Nepenthe, a restaurant with crazy lines. It started raining when we were done our food and we got to see a double rainbow – the only good thing about rain.
Bring a jacket when you go to Twin Peaks. It’s very, very cold.

It made me wonder what it would be like to live a different life where I’m not Flora who’s only half employed, but Flora with a cushy job at a big tech company, Flora on her way to her second promotion, or Flora the influencer.

But are those lives what I actually want? Or just lives I want because I see others living them?

When your school (Stanford) looks like this, do you feel guilty when you say you hate school?
I waited for the sunset on Black Sands Beach while reading my e-book with some naked strangers running around. I got tired of waiting though so I left.
The road trip down Highway 1 will definitely be a vacation highlight for years to come. Our planet is such a beautiful place.

Being human is a curious thing.

San Fran was everything I expected it to be. Despite the challenges it brought me, I continue to miss the relentless sunshine and ocean breeze.

I’ll come back for you.

West coast best coast?
My first sunset on this vacation – Fremont Older Open Space Preserve

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