About “Flo”

Flora among green tea fields on Jeju Island

I don’t actually go by Flo.

My name is Flora and I really like to eat, see new places and watch too much TV. My friends know me as someone who never leaves the house but I like to think that I’m a wild spirit at heart.

I first launched this blog in the summer of 2016 after I came back from Korea, the first “big girl trip” I went on. But I think I tried too hard to become the kind of blogger who was everybody else but me.

So I’m trying again! It’s been over a year and I’m relaunching as of winter 2017. Join in on my life from food, to travel, to a “to-be” section that will be named “crafts & shit.” The story behind that name will be explained, I promise.

But to be honest, it’s likely I won’t be doing any of what I just said. I’m notorious for irregular updates and unhelpful blogposts. There’s a reason my travel section is called “stories” and not “tips.”

Regardless, welcome to my world. Sorry for the mess.

You can reach me using the following channels:

Email: floratpan@gmail.com
Twitter: @floratpan