About “Flo”

Flora among green tea fields on Jeju Island

I don’t actually go by Flo.

My name is Flora and I watch a lot of TV. I also read a lot and like to go on hikes I don’t have the endurance for. Seeing new places is my jam, but mostly I am an indoor creature for my day-to-day.

My blog posts are not going to be helpful for your travels. I don’t have many tips to give or itineraries to share. My restaurant reviews are also sparse and largely lacking in appropriate food vocabulary. I also am not a photographer so my pictures are not spectacular.

Maybe those reasons are more than enough to not have a blog. But I think my experiences are fun and I want people to know that even the most hardcore of couch potatoes are capable of going outside and enjoying themselves. I am in a sense, fighting a stereotype that have, in some ways, controlled the narrative of my story for many years.

So this is me telling you that while I will always love binge-watching television, it doesn’t mean I don’t love fun outside the comfort of my home.

Welcome to my world, where I’m good at being sedentary and exploring.