A Saturday sugar cookie adventure

I didn’t expect to spend a couple hours baking sugar cookies today. But man life just won’t stop throwing me curve balls!

It’s definitely the most festive thing I’ve ever done willingly — which might speak a lot to just how little Christmas spirit I have. Instead of Christmas music, I put on Carpenters’ best hits and went to town with the cookies.

Here are the steps I followed if you’d like to replicate my experience:

Step 1: Find a reputable and easy recipe online.

I’ll admit – I clicked on the first one I saw on my Google search. It happened to be posted on AllRecipes by someone called Stephanie. Thank you Stephanie, it was great.

Step 2: Read a couple of reviews to see if there are things in the recipe to amend.

I read two reviews. One person loved it and another person gave three stars. But Rolanda who gave three stars said the butter MUST BE SOFT.

The dough should be squishy, kind of oily from the butter and not flaky

Okay. Understood. (The butter wasn’t soft enough so I microwaved it a little. But of course I overdid it and it ended up being half melted.)

Hands down hearts are my favourite

Step 3: Make the cookies.

This part was great fun but the entire time I was worried. For one, I couldn’t tell which was baking soda and which was baking powder (a long story I won’t delve into, but it involved me being dumb as usual). There was also not enough flour.

Another tip besides the softened butter would be to roll little balls. The recipe says “teaspoonful” and I would fully recommend you follow that to the T.

Step 4: Repeatedly put new trays into the oven because the recipe makes A LOT OF COOKIES.

Stephanie failed me with not telling me how many cookies the recipe makes. I would say I made about 50 cookies this afternoon.

Step 5: Ice cookies.

That lower right one was a failed snowflake

The second most expensive thing that went into these cookies were the icing bag from Bulk Barn for a heaping $1.99. I discovered that the only thing I can make very well are hearts.

Step 6: Have only one cookie and pack up the rest.

If this is the only kind of sugar cookie I ever have, I wouldn’t mind cause it was pretty damn delicious if you ask me. I would try it again but maybe with less sugar. One of the people I live with said “it tastes like butter and sugar,” and I really wouldn’t think there’s anything else I’d like my sugar cookies to taste like.

Tips & notes:

If you are a novice baker like me, you may want to head to Bulk Barn (or whatever store that would sell you baking things by weight instead of in packages) for most of the ingredients (flour, baking powder, baking soda and sugar) so you don’t have to make a commitment. I got my icing bag there too along with sprinkles.

However, Bulk Barn does not have measuring cups. I’d advise you to bring your own if you want to be accurate.

Cut down on the sugar if you don’t want to die after 2 cookies. I only used 1 cup instead of 1.5 and it was still a lot to handle.

Recipe also calls for vanilla extract which can be very expensive. Honestly, I’d just skip it if you want to save some $$$.

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