Saving lives with Romantic Doctor Kim 2

The knock out Season 2 of Romantic Doctor Kim has wrapped and after 16 whirlwind hours of watching the transformation of people who step foot inside Doldam Hospital, I have a feeling that I can accomplish just about anything I set my mind to.

Like its predecessor, Season 2 is tightly paced, well-casted, and full of wisdom from Master Kim. He was giving advice to Cha Eun Jae and Seo Woo Jin and saving lives, but it felt like he was advising me and saving me from myself.

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Master Kim, our light in this money-fuelled, power-obsessed society.

Master Kim’s belief is that people will grow as much as they are trusted to grow, and they will accomplish as much as they’re acknowledged for achievements. His utmost trust in Eun Jae moved not only her, but viewers like myself who harbour long-held beliefs that we aren’t good enough to take up space, to excel in what we’re passionate about.

What Eun Jae conquered was not her nausea in operating rooms, but the narrative that her mom knows best.

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The scene of Eun Jae fighting her mother is the most memorable from the entire drama.

And with Woo Jin, Master Kim showed him empathy — something that unfortunately, had been very rare in his life. Woo Jin learned that just because taking the high road is hard, it doesn’t mean it’s the wrong path to take.

For those of us who have been punished for speaking up when we saw something wrong, Master Kim showed Woo Jin, and us, that there is still a safe haven to be found in telling the truth.

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You’ve worked so hard and for so long, Seo Woo Jin, I’m so proud of you.

Of course, a review of this drama is not finished without mentioning Park Min Guk, our talented yet misguided doctor. He ran away from his fears for over a decade before he found himself in front of Master Kim, who revealed the person Doctor Park was most afraid of — himself.

As it turns out, running away does nothing for you. There is no escape when your mind is your prison. Through Doctor Park, Master Kim taught us that sometimes the only way out is to face the monster head on.

The drama delivered more than just life lessons, however. It was a wonderful showcase of teamwork and the cutest romantic storylines. Our nurse-doctor couple is fresh-faced, bold and loving, while our doctor-doctor pair is shy but enduring love. There is nothing more cute than Eun Tak’s bold declaration of interest in Ah Reum from like day 2. And there is nothing more romantic than when Woo Jin told Eun Jae over the phone that it didn’t matter if she threw up or fainted, he’d just carry her out on his back again.Young love really does rule the world.

Screen Shot 2020-02-25 at 5.33.16 PM
It may have taken us 16 episodes to get here but every moment was worth it.

This is not to say the drama was perfect. Like all productions, this one has its fair share of flaws. CPR was never really done correctly, everybody miraculously got away without any broken ribs after the fact, and nobody emphasized the gravity of not abiding by a patient’s DNR.

The ending of Doldam being independent is a bit too convenient and happened in 3 seconds, which is not the most realistic. And it’s all fine right now but damn, Multiple Sclerosis is honestly not a joke.

The plot leaves enough loose ends to call for a Season 3 — which I don’t always love because I like ends to be tied. But given that the series has been absolutely dynamic so far, why the hell not, I guess. I welcome it.

Here’s to Doldam and to us viewers. May we all have the courage to live the lives we want. For ourselves.

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