Eaxi as 1-2-3

Hello internet, I have spoken it into existence. The cute shop that I had wanted for so long (12 whole years) is finally here

I really didn’t think it was going to happen, because of major life changes that happened this year aside from just the insufferably long pandemic that is still ongoing. It got so grim that at one point, I wrote “my future that at times seemed so bright is coated by the thick slab of grey clouds and a lick of rain. I only have about five problems to deal with, realistically, but each one hurts like a shackle and a knife.” 

So yeah, things were not good. But if 2020 taught me anything, it’s that things will always change. And fast.

The first 9 cards by Eaxi Collective

While I was still dusting off heartbreak, my hands were already drawing up my first-ever greeting card. Next thing you know, I’ve had nine cards printed and listed for sale on Etsy.

My shop, Eaxi Collective, is a dream that started with me on the carpeted floor, getting glue all over my fingers while making a birthday card out of construction paper. When I first wrote about this dream in the beginning of the year, I was set on making enamel pins. But it looks like the universe wants to listen to the 14-year-old Flora more, so we’re back to the OG — greeting cards.

The draft for my first-ever greeting card featuring moose, my one true love.

My long-term vision for Eaxi is grand and maybe a bit too bold for what I am currently capable of. But hey, the last time we spoke things into existence, it happened even despite my deliberate planning to put things on pause. So there’s gotta be some merit here.

易(yì) -喜(xǐ) – Easy // Joy

Eaxi, pronounced easy, is my wish to bring small bursts of easy joy to people’s lives. The Chinese characters that make up the logo are pronounced “yi-xi” in Mandarin, translating roughly to easy and joy, respectively. 

This is just the start. It’s going to be very hard, very fun, and absolutely magical.

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